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Hurricane CD - (signed by the artist)

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Hurricane CD - (signed by the artist)

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Liz Larin's 'Hurricane' project was released on independent label Bona Dea Music, (rock/pop/electronic) and includes: 1. Hurricane, 2. LIke It Meant Nothing, 3. Till The World Ends, 4. Superhero, 5. Chicago, 6. Sea Chant, 7. Love And The Sea, 8. Don't Look Back, 9. The Great Escape, 10. Shiver, 11. Big Blue Sky, 12. Clear As Morning, 13. Stand. Presented live as a multi-media music and video performance, Hurricane, is an electronic art-pop song cycle around the 'heroes’ journey' and serves loosely as the sound track for the short story 'Chasing Hurricanes' about a woman who, unhappy with suburban life, leaves home to find deeper meaning, battling dark entities and her own fear and doubt, she learns to stand up for something deep and real.  

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