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Stolen Horses - Photography & Poetry Book by Liz Larin

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Stolen Horses - Photography & Poetry Book by Liz Larin

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Stolen Horses, Liz Larin's first collection, features poetry as well as her photography from her travels between 2010 to 2015.  Liz explains, 'Stolen Horses for me represents that split second action that one must take to keep ones spirit intact, a difficult decision that can only be made when you can follow your inner voice.'

Liz Larin is a poet, composer, performer and multi-media artist who, lives on the road between Detroit, Montreal, New Orleans and Woodstock, NY. 

As a self-taught songwriter, guitarist and singer since the age of twelve, Liz is a multi-instrumentalist, music and video producer and photographer, with eleven worldwide music releases.

Her latest multi-media music/video project, Hurricane, is an electronic art-pop song cycle about the heroes’ journey and the beauty and ecstasy of letting go and following your inner voice. She has performed across the US, Canada and Europe, released 11 albums, two on Atlantic Records, and garnered critical praise from LA Times and The Detroit News. Her modern composition Beauty In Three Parts debuted in 2013 with experimental new music group New Music Detroit.  She is the founder of music label Bona Dea Music, and digital arts group American City Media.


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